Annual Day Celebration 2023

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A Feast for the Senses!
From the delicate moves of the Juniors to the electrifying energy of the Seniors, December 16th, 2023, was a feast for both the eyes and the ears. It was a celebration of talent, dedication, and the transformative power of music and emotions.
The Juniors' showcase, was aptly titled "Music Adventures." Early Years to Grade 5 students took the stage, their delicate steps and vibrant innocence filling the hall with warmth. Each performance, from the smallest twinkle toes to the most confident renditions, passed the baton of musical joy to the next, culminating in a crescendo of youthful talent.
The afternoon saw the Seniors take center stage with "Emotions: Feel the Colours of Your Soul." This powerful showcase celebrated the rich flavour of human emotions, from delicate grace to soaring energy. Every act resonated with heartfelt authenticity, keeping the bar of excellence soaring high.
Both events were graced by the inspiring presence of Ms. Kalpana Arvind, Associate Director of LEOS-ISRO, as the Chief Guest. Her poignant speeches resonated with students and faculty alike, leaving us with a renewed sense of passion and purpose. Chairman Dr. P S Moorthi, Correspondent Ms. Priya Moorthi, and the Head of School also added their invaluable presence, solidifying the spirit of community and support that underpins our school.