The IB Middle Years Program

     The IB goal is to offer students with the morals and opportunities that will facilitate decision making, problem finding, and respecting others in the global community. The IB MYP is a meaningful five-year program (Grades 6-10, ages 11-16) which is taught and implemented internationally. The IB MYP is built upon the IB Primary Years Programme “focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside” (IB).  The IB MYP also emphasizes on connecting classroom pedagogical practices and content to the world outside through the Global Contexts and the Learner Profile.

     The IB MYP aims to prepare students for the IB Diploma Programme, instituted to offer students with unbiased learning, facilitating local and global mobility thus promoting international-mindedness.

The IB Middle Years Program at MIS

     Manchester International School is a candidate school to offer the IB MYP and pursuing authorization as an IB World School, and the decision to offer it to our students, sprouts from the visible connection between the philosophy and objectives of the program and those of the MIS. Since MIS is also a candidate school to offer the IB DP there will be a seamless transition for the students to the IB Diploma in grades 11 and 12 and from the PYP in the Primary School. Lot of fundamentals of the IB MYP is linked with the skills required by the IB Diploma that are formulated in the PYP.  The MYP is accommodating enough to permit us devise the program to fit student needs as it does not stipulate specific content of subject areas but scaffolds their delivery. The evaluation contained by each subject is intended to assist students and parents identify a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses according to the precise set of skills essential for success.

A Concept-Driven Curriculum

     A concept is a big idea that is continuing, the implication of which goes ahead of aspects such as particular origins, subject matter, or place in time. Concepts correspond to the catalyst for students’ inquiry into issues and ideas of personal, local and global significance. The MYP identifies prescribed key concepts and related concepts. These concepts ensure the development of a rigorous curriculum and promote a shared community of practice among IB World Schools offering the MYP. A concept-based model is used in the MYP because it encourages students to deal with knowledge at an intellectual level as they relate the facts to concepts and related indefinable insights. Students are able to find personal relevance, as the link new knowledge to prior knowledge, and promote appreciation of cultures and environments across global contexts. 

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