Meet Our Coordinators

Meet Our Coordinators

     Welcome to Manchester International School, a dynamic educational environment that prepares children for life beyond school.

“Education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living”- John Dewey

Primary Years Programme(PYP) works on the basis of constructivism - Children always explore, discover and learn best through experiences, rather than rote memorization; they construct their knowledge and conceptual understanding through this process.

Children by nature are very curious; the learning at Manchester happens in a way that interests them, it is their curiosity which leads them to the inquiry, the quest for seeking the truth. Our PYP classrooms are conducive to learning stations, provocations that enable the child to learn naturally using the environment.  An inquiry is an essential part of our curriculum. It involves students asking their own questions and exploring concepts and materials. Manchesterians appreciate the complexity of arts, play with language, the logic of mathematics to understand the human and natural connections.

PYP classroom environments are instilled by mutual support and respect. The positive teaching develops the group decision-making skills and team building. Our students learn to work together by setting their own rules leading a democratic life appropriate for their ages. The teachers promote 'Active learning' strategies through which students involve actively in learning by experimentation, research, debate, project, role play, fieldwork, etc. which enhances learners’ interaction and curiosity.

As a PYP Coordinator, I have the responsibility in the overall well-being of children under my care - social, emotional, personal, and physical well-being. Let us work together as a community to shape a well-informed society.

Vishnu Carthica.G, PYP Coordinator