Zero Discrimination Day

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Celebrating Inclusiveness: Talent Showcase for Zero Discrimination Day

IB PYP5 students of Manchester International School recently hosted a vibrant talent show, “Discover Yourself”, to commemorate Zero Discrimination Day, showcasing the diverse talents of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Organized by the students of Team Global Inequality and Team Mental Health as a part of the PYP Exhibition's action on social justice, the event served as a powerful display of the school's commitment to social justice.

All our staff members enthusiastically shared their talents, including singing, poetry, dance, and informative speeches, fostering unity and appreciation among the school community. Students of PYP5 played key roles in organizing the event, highlighting the importance of empowering young minds to advocate for inclusivity.

The talent showcase not only entertained but also inspired reflection on the significance of embracing diversity and standing against discrimination. By celebrating the unique talents and identities of individuals, the event promoted a more inclusive and harmonious school environment.