Building Strong Foundations

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Phonics Strategies for Effective Reading Instruction
Our EYP and Primary years educators gathered at Manchester International School for a comprehensive workshop on phonics instruction, titled "Building Strong Foundations: Phonics Strategies for Effective Reading Instruction" led by Mrs. Shalini Devi, a trainer from Jolly Phonics. She is also the founder and director of the group of institutes ' Phonics Power '. She is an accredited trainer for Jolly Learning UK and Oxford University Press, She has trained more than 7500 teachers from 340+ private/public schools and teacher training institutes. As an Andrell Education Australasia - Master Trainer for India, she has created an extensive framework for ‘ creative writing ’ in alignment with Big Write and VCOP methodology.
The workshop was designed to enhance teachers' understanding and implementation of phonics in the early years and primary years, a critical component in developing students' literacy skills.
The Key Highlights were
Introduction to Jolly Phonics
Reading strategies
Reading with comprehension
Hands-on Activities and Resources
Individualized Instruction and Support
Integration into Curriculum
Reflection and Next Steps
The Phonics Workshop was a resounding success, fostering professional growth and empowering educators to make a significant impact on students' early literacy development. By strengthening their skills, our teachers are more equipped to nurture proficient readers and lifelong learners in our classrooms.