Republic Day celebration - 2024

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The Republic Day celebration at Manchester International School was a harmonious blend of simplicity and grandeur, resonating with patriotic fervour. The event commenced with the soul-stirring rendition of the Tamil Thaai Vazhthu, a hymn venerating the motherland. The Head of School, Mr. Rajesh Vasudevan, unfurled the National flag, symbolizing unity and the spirit of a proud and vibrant nation.
Following this solemn moment, the School President of the CBSE, Master Sri Gouranga, extended a warm welcome in his eloquent speech, setting the tone for the day. The march past, led by the house captains, added a visual treat, with house teachers donned in their respective house colours infusing emotional hues into the spirit of the day.
Miss. Liza of grade 9 eloquently spoke on the significance of Republic Day, underlining its relevance in today's context. Further insights into the day were provided by Ms. Prachi and Ms. Ashna of grade 12 through an engaging discourse. Mr. Rajiv Rajashekhar, President of the Parent Advisory Board, delivered an enlightening talk, emphasizing the importance of such observances in broadening students' perspectives.
The day's festivities were elevated by a musical ensemble from the music department and a vibrant dance performance by the teachers. Sanjay Narayanan Damodharan, President of the student council IB, expressed gratitude through a heartfelt vote of thanks. The National Anthem, resonating with pride, brought the celebration to a close, creating lasting memories of unity, patriotism, and shared pride in the hearts of all attendees.
The Head of the School, Mr. Rajesh Vasudevan, poignantly addressed the gathering, highlighting the synergy between school and home in building a stronger generation.