Field Trip to Gass Forest Museum

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In connection with our unit 5 “Sharing the planet” the students of IB PYP1 and PYP2 were taken on a field trip to Gass Forest Museum, Coimbatore on 23-02-2024. It was an enriching field trip that aimed at expanding our understanding of the Natural resources and Ecosystem which focused on the importance of conservation efforts.
The primary objective of the trip was to provide students with a learning experience about various aspects of forests and the conservation practices of ecosystems. This trip aimed to deepen our understanding of the balance between humans and the environment, particularly within forested ecosystems.
Students explored the impact of human activities on forest ecosystems and brainstormed innovative solutions to mitigate environmental degradation.
The field trip to the Gass Forest Museum was a resounding success, with practical knowledge and real-world experiences.