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"Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” - Tony Robbins
Action plays a vital role in PYP. Our learning becomes meaningful only if it makes a difference in our lives and in our society. One such episode in every IB PYPian learning journey is action. We take action to promote, voice out, participate, advocate, contribute, collaborate and construct a better world.
To promote sustainable agricultural practices, the IB PYP5 students’ group action stood as a great initiative. As a part of their PYP Exhibition, our students researched the burning issues in their country and across the globe. While analyzing the impact of the issue like agricultural distress, our young learners connected with World Pulses Day and organised a food stall named MASTER PULSES as a fundraiser.
This year's World Pulses Day theme is “ Pulses: Nourishing soil and people” — the edible seeds of leguminous plants are increasing the resilience of farming systems and improving lives thanks to their low water footprint, drought tolerance and resistance to climate disasters.
Our students equipped the action type #Social Entrepreneurship in an innovative way and organized this event focusing on sustainable agricultural practices. The food counters set with different varieties of chats made up of pulses showcased the importance of pulses in having a healthy life and healthy soil. The students were actively involved in the ideation, planning, execution, and scaling of this event. They started with the requirement analysis and then did the feasibility study when it came to the preparation of food. Finally, they estimated the investment required to gain a minimal profit. On the other hand, this experience gave them complete exposure to entrepreneurship.
Through this action, we contributed to the SDG #2 Zero Hunger - targets like 2.2 End all forms of malnutrition and 2.4 Sustainable food production and resilient agricultural practices.
The event started with our EYP Tiny tots, followed by students from grades 1 to 12 from both IB and CBSE curriculums. All our little customers contributed to this event by making their presence and enjoying the delicious snacks. The food was served with love and care by our IB PYP 5 team.
Overall it was a wonderful learning experience!