Guest Lecturer Ms.Archana Suresh

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Our IB PYP5 (PYPX) - Mental Health team had an opportunity to interact with a guest lecturer Ms.Archana Suresh, a Psychologist and founder of Vriksha Career Counseling Center, Coimbatore. The meeting brought a wealth of knowledge and insight that enriched the understanding of Mental health. Ms. Archana guided the students through an exploration of various aspects of mental health, including its importance, common misconceptions, and strategies for maintaining and enhancing mental well-being. The interaction shed light on the persuasive myths and misconceptions that contribute to stigma and offered insight into how people can break down these barriers through education and awareness. Students enriched their knowledge by knowing different strategies to implement in varied hard scenarios. They came to know the role of education, advocacy and policy initiatives will foster inclusive and supportive spaces for every human.
Overall it was an eye-opening session for the entire team!