Climate Action Project

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We got an amazing opportunity to involve the kindergarteners of Manchester International School in the Climate Action Project for the third consecutive year.
The Climate Action Project is a free virtual 6-week project allowing teachers and students ages 3-21 to collaborate on environmental topics. Over the course of the project, our classrooms explored the causes and effects of climate change. Students had the opportunity to develop solutions and take action for a clean environment by 2030. Uniting teachers and students across 149 countries, this global project offered opportunities to both teachers and students, allowing them to learn in authentic ways.
Our MKids have truly showcased their knowledge and dedication as caring members of society. They have taken the initiative to spread awareness by making lifestyle changes, organizing rallies, distributing badges, and engaging in meaningful discussions within their communities. Through their actions, they have demonstrated a deep understanding of the urgent need for change.
With only one lap left before we can rest, let's come together and manifest a future filled with wellness and sustainability. Join us in supporting the incredible efforts of MKids as they strive to create a better world for all.
Together, we can make a lasting impact.