Guest Lecture Mr. Prabhu

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The IB PYP exhibition is a platform for students to engage with real-world issues, and explore a wide range of sustainable solutions. As a part of this, the students from the Sustainable Agriculture team attended a guest lecture given by Mr Prabhu, an Electronics and Communication Engineer with a decade of agricultural experience on his farm, who also serves as a System Engineer at Manchester International School.
During this enlightening session, Mr. Prabhu meticulously delved into essential farming cycles, covering fundamental topics such as land cultivation, plantation techniques, irrigation sources, fertigation, harvesting practices, and the various challenges confronting farmers today.
This guest lecture helped students understand the practical difficulties involved in adapting Agriculture as a profession. On the other hand, this process helped our little explorers in developing their critical thinking skills and a sense of responsibility towards creating a more equitable and resilient food system.