Book Week - 2024

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Get ready to embark on a story adventure like never before because Book Week has arrived at MKids.
From classic tales to modern favourites, our school has been buzzing with excitement as students and staff come together to celebrate the joy of reading and storytelling. Here's a glimpse into the magical world of books that unfolded during this special week:
Classrooms were transformed into story lands with engaging activities. To boost its efficacy and cultivate a love of stories, children were involved through puppet shows, story trays, role play, setting up a story, story walks, and character dress-up. From Hogwarts wizards to Marvel superheroes, the halls of MKIDS were filled with an array of colourful and imaginative costumes, sparking conversations about beloved stories and characters. Children had the opportunity to explore their imaginations and express their love for stories in diverse and exciting ways.
Every day brought a new adventure as students and teachers were more excited to travel through the stories.