Field Trip to Marine ecosystem

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The IB PYP3 students of Manchester International School visited  Neydhal The Coast, a seafood restaurant to inquire about the marine life species,  focusing on the interdependence of humans and the ocean on each other. They observed different sea creatures like fish, crabs octopus, squid & fishes in different coastal regions. During this trip, we had the opportunity to engage with professionals and experts in the field. Conversations with Mr. Abilash, Managing Director Neydhal the Coast allowed us to gain valuable insights about Marine habitat. Students also enthusiastically participated in a Q&A session to extend their understanding. This immersive experience deepened their understanding of the marine habitat in different coastal regions.

During the trip, our students stepped outside the confines of the classroom and delved into the real-world applications of our inquiry. The purpose of the trip was to enhance their understanding of the theme "Sharing the Planet", inquiring more about the Marine habitat & ecosystem, and it turned out to be a day filled with discovery, new perspectives, and valuable insights.

Finally, the field trip was an enriching experience that went beyond classroom activities and the inquiry process. It provided our students a holistic understanding of ocean habitat fostering a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the practical applications as a part of their inquiry process. They returned to the classroom, carrying not only new knowledge but also a renewed enthusiasm for learning and discovery about marine species.