Who we are

Who we are

      "We at Manchester International School are very proud to introduce you to this tantalizing glimpse of the purposeful and varied life at our school. Our aim is to guide each individual towards a confident, resourceful, independent and happy adulthood well qualified in every way. If you share that vision for your child, this is the school for you"

        We are an institute which offers a broad and balanced education- academic, artistic, practical and physical – so that all our students can fully explore talents and interests in their formative years. Our dedicated teachers, for whom teaching is a passion, enthuse and challenge the students to full extent, this rewarding work combines both hard work and fun; they support students while gradually teaching them the skills to learn from each other and to study independently.

       We are also an inclusive school, where every pupil is equally important to us. Over here the balance of learning support, physical development and pastoral care is tailored to the needs of the individual child. Sport, Music, Art and Drama are all renowned strengths of the school, and a glance at our term calendar reveals the wealth of activities, trips and events which provide so many opportunities for our students to shine. We lead each of them, not only to achieve their highest academic potential but also to enjoy learning itself: that is what makes an alert, ambitious and resilient person who can thrive and prosper in tomorrow’s world. Everyone has the chance to pursue passions, to participate, to be part of a group: to develop confident relationships but to be unique. The relaxed, warm and unpretentious atmosphere of our diverse, vibrant community will strike you immediately. We stress courtesy, concern and respect for all the members of our school. To see why children come from such a wide area, visit us and meet our staff and talk to our students – They are our best advertisement.

History & Tradition

        Manchester InternationaI School has ever since never halted in its painstakingly inclusive vision to create, nurture and flourish a compassionate community, which thrives with inquisitive learners. Manchester InternationaI School does not represent barely an aspiring art of a contemporary engineer but takes pride in remaining a temple of knowledge. The quintessential feature of the school remains in upholding unrelenting interpersonal relations amongst the entire students and staff, which had led to substantial success over the years. The enthralling edifice of the buildings is in adherence to and in fond memory of the revered Renaissance Art & Architecture, complemented by lavishing landscape.  One among many of the distinct features of the school lies in its amply enormous state-of-the-art classrooms and upholding the sovereignty and integrity of the National curriculam, focussed to implement holistic or wholesome education to its aspiring students.


        Manchester International School remains truly extraordinary amongst a plethora of international schools in Coimbatore. Being branded as one among the best IB schools in India, the Key ethos of the school is to inculcate and uphold an unassuming, caring, respectful and supportive interpersonal bond between students and the entire staff. To make this into reality, additional guidance in all the functional aspects is offered by our unwavering staff and counsellors of the school. This school endeavours, endlessly, to discover and help lay bare the limitless innate potential of each and every student of the school. Manchester International School takes pride in pioneering the services whilst enjoying permanent membership of the Interact club that strongly believes in the betterment of the community and continued support towards the uplifting of the downtrodden in the vicinity.

Statement of Purpose

        Manchester International School takes pride in being an all-encompassing school and strongly adheres to its principles, wherein every pupil is equally important. A plethora of specialised services such as the perfect balance between learning support, physical development, and pastoral care is aptly tailored in accordance with every distinct student at the school. Enriching experiences in Sports, Music, Art and Drama have proved to be superlative strong points of the school during the past. Innumerable opportunities lie before the student to explore and expand their experiences for betterment and the term calendar of the school lays bare the entire facts related to the wealth of activities, trips and events, in this respect. Candidly, it is not for nothing that this school holds the honour of being amongst the best schools in India. Manchester International School unrelentingly strives towards transforming the learning experiences of students into joyful episodes during their stay with our school. This feasibility could be attained by way of impeccable implementation of the inimitable teaching methodologies of the school, over the years. 

        Life at Manchester International School will always remain IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN!! The rewarding exposures of students at school are bound to instil life-long memories in their minds. MIS attributes utmost respect and reverence to this factor by way of its unswerving support and aid to every student who has the chance to pursue passions, to participate, to be part of a group and to develop confident relationships but to be unique. A unique sense of affable ambiance will never go unnoticed by anyone amidst our campus. Thanks to the school’s salient features that are trained to hover on humility, we get to see students admitted in our school from various locations in and around Coimbatore. This is a testament to the fact that parents and students defy the distance for Excellence.  We motivate and support students to reach their goals by assuring that MIS is an environment with a special range of learning opportunities.

We aspire to give:

  • Good Academic Results
  • Bright Thinking Future
  • Great University Placements
  • Successful career