Many courses at Manchester International School, Tamil Nadu’s premium school offering the IB continuum require you to memorize mass amounts of information. Learning for one class can be difficult, but it can be even more exasperating when you have multiple classes. Many students feel like they simply do not have strong memory skills. Luckily, though, memorizing is not just for a privileged group of people born with the right skills—anyone can train and develop their memorizing capacities.

Aggressive memorizers assert that exercising visualization techniques and using memory tricks allow them to recollect large chunks of information quickly. Investigation shows that students who use memory tricks perform better than those who do not. Memory tricks help you develop your working memory and retrieve long term memory. These systems can also permit you to recall some concepts for years or even for life. Lastly, memory tricks like these lead to comprehension and higher order thinking.
Along with visual and spatial memory techniques, there are many others tricks we help our young learners at Manchester to help their brain recall information.
Some of the techniques that we employ include: