A big challenge the 21st century learners encounter is their difficulty to meet up with deadlines; there may be many reasons to it, but the major one is procrastination. Procrastination can be a difficult habit to break, but it's possible to become a pro-active person by following a few simple steps.

First, set a goal and make sure it's something achievable and realistic. This will give you a focus and help you to stay motivated. Break down your goal into smaller achievable tasks, and set up a timeline for each. This will also give you a sense of achievement as you work through each task. Second, create an environment that is conducive to productivity and focus. This could include making sure you have everything you need to complete the task and not getting distracted by other things. It could also include removing yourself from any environment that is likely to lead to procrastination, such as social media or watching TV.

Third, reward yourself for each successful step. This could range from a simple treat, like a cup of tea or a piece of chocolate, to something bigger like a weekend break. This will help to reinforce your pro-active behavior and keep you motivated.

Finally, focus on the task at hand and try not to get overwhelmed. It may help to break up the task into manageable chunks and to set yourself small achievable goals. Keeping track of your progress can also be a great way to stay motivated.

By following these steps, you can move from procrastination to a more pro-active mindset and can successfully reach your goals.