When most of our students approach us with text anxiety our counselor tells them that a little nervousness before a test is normal and can help enhance their mind and focus their attention. But then again with test anxiety, feelings of worry and uncertainty can interfere with their test-taking performance and make them miserable”, says our Head of Student Development and Pastoral Care, Ms. Geetha Gopinathan.

Test anxiety can distress anyone, irrespective of what grade the student is in for that matter a teacher, who has to take tests for certification.

Manchester International School, a premium school in Coimbatore offering both National and IB curriculum guides students with counselling and creating an ambience of fearlessness.

Here are some strategies that may help reduce students test anxiety as suggested by experts:

At Manchester International school we offer study-skills classes or other resources that can help students learn study techniques and test-taking strategies. Students feel more composed and comfortable when we train them to study systematically and exercise the material provided. Learning efficiently is pivotal to ease the fear of tests.

It is also identified by our wellness team that students who study extra hours than memorizing their contents all at once perform well in tests. It is also observed that students who study in same or similar places as the exam halls or classrooms where the tests are conducted are able to recall information they need at test time.

Students are advised to determine a solid pretest schedule. They are better judges of what works well for them; and if they follow the same steps each time they are well equipped to take a test. This will ease their anxiety to a greater extent.

One common thing that we as a school observed is that students do not communicate their fear with their teachers; instead they talk to their friends who are not in a position to counsel them. Students at Manchester are encouraged to talk to their mentors or facilitators, and make certain they understand the test syllabus and know how to prepare.

As a holistic and inclusive school, we support all types of learners with relaxation techniques that helps students stay unruffled and poised before and during the test, this includes deep breathing, meditation technique and mindful relaxation. Art of visualization is another technique that we offer. We urge our students to visualize success, visualize glory, visualize celebration.

As much as good food is essential to keep the body agile get some exercise too. Regular exercise, and exercising on exam day, can let go tension. Avoid sugary drinks that can cause your blood sugar to peak and then drop, or caffeinated drinks such as energy drinks or coffee, which can increase anxiety.

Most of the students sit late night especially a few days before the exams and also on the previous night; this is absolutely unwarranted a habit. We at Manchester International School urge our parents to ensure that their children get plenty of sleep. Sleep is directly related to academic performance and a good night's sleep is mandatory for peak performance.