Technology plays a vital role in the process of incorporating exploration, creativity, and innovation in learning. Digital platforms have given enormous opportunities for the independent learning process. Our curriculum framework encourages researching, exploring, analysing, and developing responsibilities towards creating a wonderful learning community. Collaboration is made easy through virtual platforms where the students collaborate with global learners and share their perspectives of constructing a better world.

The digital learning environment deals renders transdisciplinary learning techniques, problem-solving skills, and user-friendly infrastructure. Excitement and enthusiasm are the two elements that act as a source for initiating the learning process. Digital technologies helped in equipping differentiated learning engagements. It often helps and heals us both professionally and personally. We encourage our children to write blogs or maintain e-diaries to express their day-to-day learning, contributing to personal development. Virtual projects like conducting surveys, designing posters, making e-books, editing videos and audios contribute to professional development.

At Manchester International School, we have the potential to turn every obstacle into an opportunity. One such opportunity that we explored to evolve during this pandemic is technology. We understand that schools should reflect real life and provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learned through the use of the tools they are using outside of school. We firmly believe that the success of the learning process relies on building innovative and compassionate learners for the future. As a learning community, we focus on enhancing communication, collaboration, creativity, media literacy, global connectedness, critical thinking, and problem-solving methodologies. We also use the digital tools to collaborate to gain new perspectives on research and build relationships with others in the field, which can be a key to career development.

We aim to ensure that students can thrive in a world where change is constant, learning never stops. As lifelong learners, we do have the responsibility to develop a safe and secure digital learning environment. It will help in developing their communication skills and makes way for global collaboration. We believe that if we bring such changes in a learner and the learning community, achieving sustainability across the globe will happen automatically.

Digital training introduces a broad range of technology-enhanced educational strategies for both learners and facilitators. It includes blended learning, flipped learning, personalized learning, and others that rely on digital tools to a small or large degree. Through practice and engagement, we progress to attain leadership in digital platforms. It encourages us to invent, share, publicize, criticize, and evolve as new people.

Our young and energetic digital leaders will build a strong learning community for the future generation to collaborate and collate their ideas, knowledge, resources, and skills. As 21st century learners, let us all adapt to every new circumstance and construct a better world!!!