Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship are the basis for the construction of a better world. It needs the courage to think independently and act with kindness and care for the world. Agency provides enhanced student independence and empowerment. It also emphasizes relevance over engagement.

Initiating independent learning is the only way to achieve 21st-century learning skills. As learners, students should be encouraged to raise their voice against real-life problems, explore the different choices, and take ownership in creating constructive solutions. Implementing our vision and mission on the learners cannot be called enhancement unless or until it cares about the student's interest.

Student agency promotes self-efficacy, self-awareness, self-regulation, and individual variation. It is a tool to execute and regulate student-centred learning practices. It empowers students to determine their path to proficiency. By encouraging students to take action, we enhance their cognitive ability to manage, develop motivation, and ensure students respond to their activities.

At Manchester International School, our learning environment makes way for the voice, choice, ownership concept. We provide space for the collaboration of learners across the globe. Our students take part in international projects, where we raise our voices against global issues. Students can make wise choices only if they explore and experience the outcome of the choices they make. Taking ownership is the attitude of a risk-taker. By developing this nature, our students will stand as a pillar for the future generation.

At our school, we co-design the curriculum with our students, focusing on the student interests, backgrounds, stories, and needs, the possibilities for the agency are likely to expand. Agency is the only way to spread awareness of the responsibility of one's actions on the environment and others. Here, our students have ownership of their learning and action that comes from that learning. Our role is to expedite opportunities that empower participants.

Our focus is to promote student-centred learning and change our approach to learning. Our curriculum is dependent on the inquiry process, starting with teacher-guided inquiry targeting on the student agency. In this way, our students will gain the confidence and clarity to decide what is right and wrong.We incorporate technology in our learning process to initiate and develop the self-learning process. Students get enthusiastic when they explore digital opportunities. We use technology as a tool to rediscover and engage ourselves in the independent learning process.

At Manchester, we build a learning community, where we join hands with our parents, community people, local and global learners. We grow as a community by enhancing our skills, establishing our knowledge, and effectively take action. Our vision is to create young and dynamic leaders who can adapt to the changing world and strive for a peaceful world. We believe that students who have agency in their learning are more motivated, expertise greater satisfaction.