Reflection during Lockdown: A student Perspective

Quarantine, quarantine, quarantine…

Especially in this period where school is closed, this was supposed to be Heaven – going out, hanging out with your friends, visiting new places, watching movies and much more. For extroverts who were hoping to relax and hang out around the city (namely most of my friends), their dreams were crushed to fine dust thanks to the pandemic. Personally speaking, there isn’t much of a difference between my usual lifestyle and my current lifestyle. Usually, I would sit and play games and then finish off the day by watching a film on Netflix or Prime with my family. I would go to the theaters to watch whatever good film was screening at the time and meet up with my friends occasionally. Now, I just sit and play games and finish off my day with a film on Netflix. Sure, I do miss going out for movies or meeting up with my friends sometime, but to be honest it doesn’t really affect me that much.

In fact, I think I am watching way more movies from much more varied genres and industries due to the fact I can’t visit the theatre to see my usual Tamil/English film. I am also texting, talking with my friends, way more than I normally do, which can probably be attributed to the fact that I simply cannot meet them, and that drives me to remain as close in touch with them as possible.

My daily life is pretty simple. I wake up at around 9:30-10 and sit on the sofa, scrolling through Twitter or texting my friends on WhatsApp for a while before getting refreshed and ready for the day. I have my breakfast at around 11, and then boot up my PS4 to play. Honestly, if I did not have the leisure of gaming, I would have no hope of wiling away my day. During the lockdown, I’ve played and completed lots of new games which I lacked the time to play during my board exams. I keep it fresh by making sure I play differed and varied games from different genres. YouTube and texting my friends helps me get through the day. I also try to learn new things such as coding and playing the keyboard during this time. Carrom, cards and Uno with my family are also some staples which help passing time. Also, my brother has taken up cooking as a new hobby as he makes sandwiches, corn dogs and much more for us to eat throughout the day. To conclude, trying new things and hence keeping my daily lifestyle from becoming stale has been one of the main things helping me manage with the quarantine!

My advice to you is to do something you never have done before! I never once thought that I would end up becoming addicted to a Dragon Ball Z game or that I would suddenly fall in love with Telugu films or that I could actually grow a beard! Do what you enjoy and most importantly, don’t blame yourself or feel bad if you do not do anything productive or learn a new skill etc, because this is a collective traumatic experience that the whole world is going through where you do not NEED to be productive or learning. Take care of yourself and your mental health and have fun during these weird times as we may never get another chance to stay at home doing nothing and get praised for it! This is what I have been taught at my Alma Mater, the best international school in the state, Manchester International School.

Arjun Rajan - Grade 10