Children’s Day - A Day to Relive- A Day to Cherish

School at MIS has been a hodgepodge of exams for the past month, but November 14 waltzed in like a fresh breath of air to relieve us all. Children’s Day at Manchester was a sight to behold.

School spirit was thick in the air, as everyone from the littlest kindergartener to the wisest teacher showed up in hues of red and blue. There was a convivial buzz around our beautiful campus, and our expectations were met most vigorously.

We piled into the auditorium, hearts-a-flutter. When the stage lit up, whoops filled the air.

With a touching opening about how we children (yes, us!) deserved this day of celebration, we were off. Act after act, dance after dance, song after song, each one better than the last. Our teachers all turned out to be triple threats, and put on performances heaving with heart and soul. We screamed extra loud when they started strutting down a runway, with a notable ending where our distinguished but merry Heads of Departments also joined the fun.

Lunch was merely a brief interlude before the festivities resumed. We were delighted to see that nobody, that includes our Coordinators and Head of School hadn’t joined in with the greatest gusto.

Near the end, we were introduced to a few heroes whose songs were left unsung. We acknowledged the school security guard Mr. Antony Raj, and the school Gardener Mr. Chinnaian. We had left the auditorium with a sense of happiness that cannot easily be expressed! We were taught that no matter our age, we are always children to our parents, and Mother Earth.

This children’s day, we students got to see a whole side of our teachers that was never seen before. All of them joined together and planned a wonderful day for our enjoyment. It was truly a breath-taking event, a day I’m sure will stay in our minds and hearts until the end of time as the best celebration of Children’s Day that could possibly be.

When we woke the next morning, it was with sore palms and husky voices, mere testaments to our enjoyment of the day before. Our teachers showed us the level of love that they reserve for us, (even if we are cheeky little devils sometimes) and on behalf of all the students, I would like to thank our teachers for the best Children’s Day possible.

R. Anjali Dhamayanthi / Ritish .S / R. Arjun / Marwa Nazeem
@Student Editorial Team - MIS